Issue #1

Issue #1: Accessories

Published January 2006

Fashion Projects covers independent designers, as well as the interaction between art and fashion, providing a forum for both fashion designers and artists in acknowledgment of the ever-shrinking gap between the two fields. The first issue is dedicated to the topic of accessories design, which is perhaps the one that sees the most frequent exchanges between the fashion and art fields, both at a corporate level (most notably Takashi Murakami’s collaborations with Marc Jacobs’s Vuitton), and an indie one (as evident in this issue’s pieces on the Red Shoe Delivery Service, and Mary Ping).

Francesca Granata

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Issue #1: Accessories, Table of Contents


The Subtleties of Cross Dressing: An interview with Anne-Sofie Back

The Red Shoe Delivery Service

Reflections on “Meta-Design” with Mary Ping

Rosa Mosa: Walking the Line Between Tradition and Zeitgeist

Exploring Kawaii: An Interview with Yumiko Inada

Indie Fashionista in Fort Greene

La Voleuse: The Book Bag Revisited

Forgery and Appropriation in the Accessory Industry

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The Subtleties of Cross Dressing: An interview with Anne-Sofie Back

by Patty Chang
Autumn/Winter 2004; Spring/Summer 2005

There’s nothing conventional about the work of Swedish born, London-based fashion designer and stylist Ann-Sofie Back. After completing a Master from Central St. Martins in 1998, she showed in Paris for two years before returning to London. Themes of artificiality, awkwardness and failure have often guided her work, which has been inspired by an unlikely muse: transvestites, and in most cases, transvestites that look unconvincing in feminine garb. Her humorous and provocative take on fashion also challenges the status quo, as she conveys her doubts about the illusion of perfection perpetuated by high gloss fashion imagery. Yet in the end, her collections never lose sight of their final destination–evoking a subtle feminine silhouette with muted elegance. Her work is currently on view in “When Everything Is Design,” an exhibition in Norway curated by Markus Degerman.
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The Red Shoe Delivery Service: From the Armory to the Land of Oz

by Francesca Granata

The Red Shoe Delivery Service is a Brooklyn-based art collective which was conceived in 2003 by M.K. Guth, a New York-based artist, along with Molly Dilworth (who, upon receiving her MFA from NYU, has been active in fashion and art) and Cris Moss (a video artist based in Portland, Oregon). Last spring, the group was stationed at the New York art trade event the Armory Show. There, using the Swiss Institute booth as a command center, they shuttled people to their destination of choice, but only after the riders donned a pair of glittery red shoes.I caught the final ride out of the Armory Show. In the midst of what resembled an enormous bazaar with a dazzling array of art objects for sale, it was refreshing to be presented with something which not only was not for sale, but was free. And as if to play a pun on the usual associations between art, fashion and commerce, the objects that were not for sale were sparkly red shoes. After having picked a pair of red boots from the RSDS’s vast collection, I settled in with the other riders; after a few blocks, the van had transformed itself into a mini-salon. As I went home, I jotted down some questions for the members of the collective, who soon after were off to PICA, the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, where they continued their performative rides.
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