Self-reliant Fashion Design--Politics and Practices in Fashion Design: The case of Buenos Aires

It's exciting to report on the great number of conferences happening in the field of fashion studies, which helps one grasps the cross-cultural and geographically diverse scope of the phenomenon. Alessandra Vaccari, an Italian scholar based at the University of Bologna, is organizing a conference in Buenos Aires in conjunction with the new masters launched by the University of Bologna, Buenos Aires. The conference, which is taking place November 11, is organized in collaboration with the Centro Metropolitano de Diseño.

For detailed information on the conference, see below:

Thursday 11 November 2010, 17.30-21.00

Auditorium, University of Bologna Rodríguez Peña 1464, Buenos Aires

The forum explores the role and activism of self-reliant fashion designers in the development of a new perception of fashion scene and system. The term “self-reliant” designates here a relatively high degree of independence from fashion industry; strong control and decision-making power over research, creative process, production, and communication; output ranging from one-offs to small series; close relationship with end users.

The self-reliant practice is not necessary a goal, but it is the condition in which new generations of designers increasingly work with an enhanced attention to cultural and ethical dimensions of fashion, often after the achievement of an academic qualification in fashion design.

The forum investigates what has become a global phenomenon, which is particularly interesting to study either in the presence of powerful fashion and textile industry (e.g. Italy), or when such an industry is weak, as is the case of contemporary Argentina. The forum involves designers, media and fashion institutions’ representatives, academics, and students, who are invited to express and discuss their views. Which are the creative strategies that self-reliant practices entail? What is the role of fashion oriented small medium sized enterprises? How do self-reliant fashion designers interact with urban and social space? Are they the product of the current trend toward academisation in design education? And which are the relationships between them and the public institutions promoting design and creative industries? These are some of the key questions that the project seeks to answer.

Project Alessandra Vaccari

Co-ordination Vicky Salías y Alessandra Vaccari

University of Bologna, Buenos Aires


17.30 Introduction Alessandra Vaccari (University of Bologna)

17.40 Panel 1: Policies Andrea Saltzman (Universidad de Buenos Aires) Celia Turquesa Topper (Universidad Argentina de la Empresa) Daniela Sartori y Cesar Albarracín (Cèsartori) Marina Pérez Zelaschi (Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Industrial) Pablo Ramírez (Ramírez) Sofìa Marré (Fundación Pro Tejer) Vicky Salías (Centro Metropolitano de Diseño)

Panel 1 Co-ordinator Vicky Salías

19.10 Coffee break

19.30 Panel 2: Practices Emiliano Blanco y Camila Milesi (Kostüme) Javier Estebecorena (HE Hermanos Estebecorena) Jimena Nahon (Catalogue) Marcelo Giacobbe (Marcelo Giacobbe) Mariana Szwarc (Salsipuedes) Vicente Donato (Università di Bologna) Victoria Lescano (Pagina/12) Yumico Takemoto (HP France)

Panel 2 Co-ordinator Victoria Lescano

University of Bologna, Buenos Aires + 54 11 4878 2900

Centro Metropolitano de Diseño, Oficina de Moda, Buenos Aires +54 11 4126 2967