The Fashion in Film Festival comes to New York

UPDADTE: The first in two seminars is taking place this Tuesday April 19th at the Cuny Graduate Center. Titled Metamorphoses: Clothing in Motion from Early Cinema to Contemporary Fashion Film, the seminar is moderated by Eugenia Paulicelli and its speakers include Penny Martin (of GentleWoman), Antonia Lant and Donald Gregg, in addition to festival curator Marketa Uhlirova.

The tireless curator and fashion scholar Marketa Uhlirova brings her "Fashion in Film Festival" to New York City. For this exciting edition of the festival, "Birds of Paradise," she partnered with the Museum of the Moving Image's Chief Curator David Schwartz, Ron Gregg at Yale University, and Eugenia Paulicelli at the Graduate Center, CUNY. The festival, which is hailed as "a major extravaganza in costume spectacle, dance and diabolical glamour," takes place from April 15 to May 2nd at the Museum of the Moving Image, while a seminar on the topic is scheduled for April 19th at the CUNY Graduate Center. For a full program of the festival, please visit the Fashion in Film Festival site.