Lady Gaga's Little Monsters...

Some of Lady Gaga's Little Monsters

by Francesca Granata

I recently went to a Lady Gaga concert as part of my research. The most surprising thing about it was the inventive and often DIY costumes worn by her fans. I caught a few of them on camera: a woman wearing a balloon skirt, one in a yellow body suit with Mickey Mouse ears that she self-painted. Someone else constructed Lady Gaga’s staggeringly tall heel-less shoes via an ingenious system of black electric tape, while others rendered more literal imitations of the pop star. Among these were a mother with her little girl, both sporting blond wigs and black leather outfits! Alas, no meat-dress emulator was in the crowd.

The pop star herself wore elaborate costumes, which are by now familiar either through her videos or television appearance.

Jay Ruttenberg—a contributing editor of Fashion Projects and a music critic at Time Out New York, wrote a in-depth review of the concert which praises Gaga’s ability of self-transformation over her music skills.

“Lady Gaga, if the conspiracy is not by now obvious, is the highly evolved master’s thesis of Tisch performance-art scholar Stefani Germanotta, who is currently completing her studies on the transformative nature of a pop, fashion and media phenomenon in the age of social media. Saturday night at Nassau Coliseum, Germanotta came one step closer to obtaining her degree, appearing before thousands of young participants dubbed her “Little Monsters” for the duration of the project”

For the full review and photo of the concert, visit Time Out New York