Patrik Ervell Fall 2008

Patrik Ervell Fall 2008 (a look vaguely reminiscent of Ian Curtis)

The Patrik Ervell menswear show had a modernist vibe, as it took place in the Pier 59 studios. The space was a white cube with huge windows overlooking the Hudson, and the runway floor was covered in gold reflective paper which recalled the fabric of the looks at show’s end. I was reading T’s blog account of Ervell’s show as awash with art and music types and was impressed with T editor Horacio Silvia’s ability to recognize the members of Grizzly Bear and Hot Chip. I believe I have seen both bands in concert and yet have no recollection of what they look like.

The clothes seemed precisely tailored and clean in a way that was not at all boring, but rather subtly researched. That, combined with the skinny silhouette, was reminiscent of Raf Simon’s work. I most enjoyed the first part of the show, with the more muted color and particularly the navy looks which went really well with the simple canvas shoes. Also interesting were the double-hooded looks, as well as the final looks which were articulated around gold synthetic fabrics. The reported presence of band members and art types in the audience seemed to have been in tune with the vibe the clothes gave out which—at least according to Jay, who gave me a live commentary—reminded him of: “A Wes Anderson movie extra,” “a member of Blur circa early 1996” and “Ian Curtis shortly before he hanged himself.”