Andrea Diodati "Friend of the Flowers"

Andrea Diodati, Friends of the Flowers, An Absurdist Tableau

We had been meaning to continue on our artist/designer series, and we couldn't think of a better way than to feature Andrea Diodati's work. An inspiring young artist/designer whose work has been featured in Artforum, Andrea has worked with some of our favorites, including Susan Cianciolo and Pascale Gatzen.

In her own words:

electric love light seeks to unite feeling and object in a bespoke design practice that challenges contemporary notions of production. Handmade by artist, Andrea Diodati, each piece explores the history of materiality through local sourcing at thrift stores and flea markets. The quiet joys of an anonymously crocheted doily are relived on the body in fashions that tell our common material history.

Friend of the Flowers explores woman and plant's relationship in a mystical array of sound, movement, prose and petals. Sometimes we, humans, forget that there are other living beings on earth. Friend of the Flowers depicts a place beyond time and space, where flowers are held in deep reverence. From mourning over their wilted petals, to taking a flower as lover, to discussing the feeling of sun kisses, to loosing ourselves in the wind, woman and plant unite in this absurdist active tableaux that showcase electric love light' s Spring 2011 collection.

Andrea Diodati is an exhibited artist and designer, whose work has been shown in Tokyo, Toronto, New York and Montreal.  Her projects focus on experimenting and questioning the norms of fashion. Whether she is practicing automatic sewing in the trance of performance, organizing meditations outside, making fashion video mythologies, Diodati loves to push the paradigm of fashion forward.