Social Fabrics

Teresa Almeida, Modes for Urban Moods.

If in Dallas for the CAA Meeting this February, don't miss Social Fabrics. A time-based exhibition on the relation between Wearables, Media and Interconnectivity, it is curated by Susan Ryan and Patrick Lichty and developed around the trope of the fashion show. Supported by the Leonardo Education Forum, it includes an impressive array of practioners from the design and art fields. Above is one the pieces included: An inflatable garment designed as "a coping mechanism" by Teresa Almeida, it has been worn by the artist in performances in crodwed public spaces, in order to explore the borders between public and private space.

Social Fabrics will take place at the Adam's Mark Hotel (400 North Olive Street, Dallas) on February 22, 2008 - 4:30 PM.