Nico Muhly and Shoplifter at the Kitchen

Shoplifter, Ultima Drama , 2003, ATM Gallery, N.Y.C., USA.

The New York–based composer Nico Muhly collaborated with the Icelandic artist and fashion designer Shoplifter (a.k.a. Hrafnhildur Arnardottir) on a new work, which was commissioned by the Kitchen. Premiering at the Chelsea venue, on March 7, the performance promises to toil in the grotesque and the uncanny as suggested by Muhli’s choice of collaborator—the Icelandic artist is, in fact, best known for her eerie hair sculpture—as well as by the work’s lineage. One of the pieces—titled The Only Tune— recounts the gruesome folk tale The Two Sisters: “a chilling murder ballad in which a young girl’s body is butchered and turned into a fiddle.”


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