Tamy Ben-Tor at Zach Feuer


The Israeli, New York-based, performance artist Tamy Ben-Tor is having her second solo show at the Zach Feuer Gallery in Chelsea. Concomitantly with the exhibition opening, the artist will perform a solo work-in-progress at the Kitchen on the evenings of March 28 and 29.

Titled "Judensau"—a historically-laden anti-semitic image dating back to the Middle Ages—the piece will continue Ben Tor’s exploration of different persona, which in her absurdist performance are meant to represent "embodiments of non-existing entities."

In Ben Tor's own words: "The characters I portray are not real. However they are specific. I don’t speak about politics; I use them to invoke feeling just as I speak in different languages in order to reach a nonsensical outcome. This is because it is only through the specific and descriptive that a tension with the abstract can be formed.”

For more information, visit Zach Feur Gallery and the Kitchen.