anp quarterly no.10

From ANP Quarterly, Issue 10

The new issue of ANP Quarterly was just published and, among other topics, it features a sprawling interview by Brendan Fowler with Sarah Lerfel--one of the owners and the main buyer of Colette--on her role in the art and fashion worlds. Also included is an article by Aaron Rose on the men's magazine illustrator Tom of Finland as well as an interview with the owners of the new Chicago concept store Golden Age.

The LA-based magazine, edited by Brendan Fowler, Aaron Rose, and Edward Templeton, is now in its tenth issue and can be found free of charge in a number of stores across the US, but in actuality one might have to subscribe to read it on a regular basis. However you get your hands on it, it makes for an engaging read, particularly as it gives ample space to its subject—the interviews tend to be many pages long. It reminds one a bit of the much-missed magazine Index both in the interview-format and in the range/type of people it tends to cover.