Laurie Simmons, Woman/ Purple Dress/ Kitchen, 1978

While the Victor & Rolf exhibition opened at the Barbican in London, with a gigantic doll house containing doll-size replicas of Victor & Rolf's collections of the past fifteen years, in New York there is a much more "minute" doll-themed show by the artist Laurie Simmons.

The New York-based artist's early work, dating from the late 1970s, is on show at Caroline Nitsch's project room and will be on view until June 28. Simmons' black and white photographs stage female dolls in miniature houses and rooms. Some of the houses' façade are disassembled, while the rooms' furniture gets "dislocated" from their proper place. These altered female interiors combined with the off-kilter placement of the figures doubles the uncanny feeling conveyed by the dolls and relays a feeling of disrupted and alienated domesticity.

Laurie Simmons, Sink/ Ivy Wallpaper, 1976