Sodafine's Move


Calpis Cami with Diamonds Smock and Dingo Stickpin by Feral Childe

Sodafine—one of our favorite stores—has moved to Williamsburg from Fort Greene. It's become among the best stores in New York to shop for au courant sustainable brands (from Passenger Pigeons to Loomstate). The store’s promotion of sustainable material falls in line with their longstanding support of fair labor practices. Most of the goods in the store are produced by artists who make garments alongside or as part of their art practice. Among our favorites is Feral Childe (the art/design duo formed by Alice Wu and Moriah Carlson). Their recent collection, Homunculii, beautifully illustrates the interior workings of the body in garments with improbable names such as kidney dress and bladder purse.