Symposium at FIT

Cue Club, Notting Hill, 1966, Photo by: Charlie Phillips (from the V&A exhibition Black British Style).

FIT is currently hosting its annual fashion symposium. Organized by Valerie Steele cuncurrently with the Gothic: Dark Glamour exhibition, this year's symposium is dedicated to the topic of subcultural styles.

Among the speakers are Carol Tulloch, who completed extensive research on black British style and curated an exhibition on the topic at the V&A in 2004, and the anthropologist Ted Polhemus, known for his pioneering theories on subcultural styles. A special space seems to be occupied by Japanese style, with three speakers--Yuniya Kawamura, Hiroshi Narumi and Tiffany Godoy--discussing various aspects of Japanese subcultures and street styles.

Please visit the FIT site for a complete schedule.