Season of Knits


A Tom Scott Creation. Photography by Stephen Rose, photo taken from

It is definitely the season for knits. We've already mentioned Sandra Backlund, but there is another young knitwear designer whose attention-grabbing creations are experimental yet wearable: Tom Scott. The website Refinery29 has this excellent profile on Scott. You can also see his designs (including a sweater woven with steel and a t-shirt with off-set arms) featured in the upcoming Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum's Triennial exhibition opening this Friday.

While Scott's pieces are definitively modern and even futuristic, there is another, more historical, reason to celebrate knits this season. Perhaps you remember reading awhile ago that a motherload of deadstock vintage knits was found in the Ohio Knitting Mills factory in Cleveland, OH. Well, the knits have come to New York and you can buy them at the new Ohio Knitting Mills store in Boerum Hills. Stephen Tatar, the man responsible for bringing these rare pieces to NYC was recently interviewed by Paper Magazine. Although he admits that the stock won't run out anytime soon, he stresses that it will eventually happen!