Freddie Robins, Craft Kills (detail), 2002 (from MAD website)

Don’t miss the upcoming exhibit “Radical Lace and Subversive Knitting,” opening January 25th at the Museum of Arts and Design in NewYork. Curated by MAD’s chief curator David Revere McFadden, the exhibit will present contemporary work “using fiber in unexpected and unorthodox ways.” One of the few exhibits (at least in the States) to take a serious look at the interaction between art, crafts and design (without reinstaing old hierarchies in the process), it sets out to spotlight "a territory in which distinctions between art, craft, and design are seen to be arbitrary and artificial,” and showcasing work which is often “socially, politically, and artistically subversive.”

Also of notice is the upcoming issue of I.D. Magazine (January and February) on design collectives (one of our favorite topics), which presents the new work of Despina Papadopoulos of Studio 5050.

Francesca Granata