Feral Childe's Open Studio

Feral Childe, Spring/Summer 2008 "4D 4Ever"

Don’t miss Feral Childe’s Open Studio this weekend. One of the unsung heroes of the New York experimental fashion scene, Moriah Carlson and Alice Wu of Feral Childe have impeccable credentials, having respectively graduated from MFAs at New York Studio School and Yale. Their presentations, silhouettes and prints undoubtedly belie their art backgrounds, as well as allow them to embrace a humorous and defiant approach to fashion. Their last collection—Spring/Summer 2008—took place at the Japanese store Utowa (on Fifth Avenue) and seems to have been staged around a music-pageant-gone-bad theme. Many of the models sported teased-out ’50s hairdos which wouldn’t have looked out of place in a John Waters’ film, and walked one by one onto a platform, where they would put on a numbered pin or a sash. This off-kilter scenario was paired with ingeniously cut clothes which continued their experiment with asymmetrical folds and “kidney-shaped” ruche. What stood out most, however, was their inventive use of fabric, which ranged the gamut from whimsically printed cotton (for the most part created from original prints by the designers) to “snakeskin lamé,” “laminated linen,” and neoprene.

Feral Childe's Annual Open Studio Sat. & Sun, Oct. 20-21, Noon to 6 PM 269 Douglass St #1 between Third & Nevins Brooklyn NY 11217