Obsessive Consumption

Kate Bingman-Burt’s Obsessive Consumption deals with the artist’s love/hate relationship with consumerism by documenting all of her purchases for a period of 28 months. Bingman-Burt also makes a drawing every single day of one item she has purchased, as well as hand-drawing of every credit card statement she receives until all of her statements are paid off.

The result is a candy-coated kawaii-inspired record of her consumption habits and of the endless amounts of goods that the artist (much like the majority of the viewers) purchases, often unwittingly, on a daily basis.

Her most recent show, which just closed at Jen Bekman, also included simple A-line dresses, on which Bingman-Burt embroidered a number of prices, presumably corresponding to other garments and accessories she has bought.


Jen Bekman's gallery, Installation View