Game On: The World Fashion Conquest


Wessie Ling "Game On"

A new art installation by Wessie Ling (a London-based artist) is opening at Exhibit in East London. Titled “Game On: The World Fashion Conquest,” it is meant as an exploration of the way cities use fashion to achieve a range of goals beyond simply promoting the local fashion industries.

"The focal point for the exhibit is a catwalk, which has been transformed into a giant game board with a world map on the runway. This interactive exhibit encourages viewers to play a role in the global fashion system, more specifically the fashion weeks held in 85 cities around the globe. Ling's game, inspired by the world domination game 'Risk', considers the many conflicting roles a fashion week may play in a city–from endeavouring to brand a city as a fashion capital to merely using the event to generate tourism.

Wessie Ling is a London-based visual artist whose work concerns the relation among fashion, identities, and cities. Interactive-ness is key to her work. She uses interactive installation to consider how fashion represents and connects our cultural selves. Ling is currently a Senior Lecturer at the London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London." (From Release)