A new stunning collection by Sandra Backlund is out!


Sandra Backlund,"Don't Walk." Photo by Denise Grünstein

Titled “Don’t Walk” and made entirely of red knits, it is the fifth collection by the Swedish designer, who started out by studying fine arts in college, then textiles and art history and only later decided to pursue fashion and enrolled at the Beckman’s School of Design in Stockholm. Her varied background shows through in her beautifully constructed, intricate work, which often stands away from the body yet at times reiterates it in the very material she uses to create clothes. Her very first collection “Body, Skin and Hair,” partially employed human hair, which she carefully and painstakingly “styled” into garments by sewing it onto a fabric lining, then combing, cutting, braiding and finally pinning it.

Most of her work plays with the traditional silhouette, often distorting and transforming it in different ways. She admits to working along the lines of a sculptor rather than a tailor in building her clothes from a number of small pieces which she then joins together in different ways to create novel and ever-changing shapes. (see, sandrabacklund.com)